View Fences

What is View Fencing?

There are a multitude of different fencing options out there, and just knowing what each and every one of them are can be difficult enough, nevermind picking between them. One type of fence you may have seen mentioned is called view fencing. A view fence is a fence designed to enclose the desired area without restricting visual access to it. This means that view fences can be seen through and do not obstruct the view to your home, hence the name.

Arizona is widely known for its impressive natural beauty, so why restrict your access to this free resource with a bulky, opaque fence. A view fence can give you all of the added security that a normal fence does, without inhibiting your view of the surrounding area. This means that you can appreciate the natural beauty of your surrounding area while also enjoying the peace of mind that the added security of a fence will add to your home. Our beautiful view fences keep you safe from the rest of the outside world, without cutting you off from it.

Make Your Home Even More Beautiful, with a View Fence

Our view fences do not only allow you to have an unobstructed view of your surroundings, they also prevent the view to your home from being blocked. You have cultivated a pleasing aesthetic for your home and yard, why let it go to waste behind an opaque fence that blocks most of it out? A lot of effort has probably gone into making the facade of your home aesthetically pleasing, and a view fence will allow you to showcase that feature, and can even enhance it.

Our beautiful view fences are designed to showcase your home, not hide it. We have dozens of different view fence options to choose from, and each one is expertly crafted to allow for maximum aesthetic appeal. We are confident that we can match the style of any home, and greatly enhance the curb appeal of your house with one of our custom view fences. Feel free to take a look at some of the gorgeous view fences we have built for other customers for style ideas and inspiration.

View Fences Add Security

View fences are not a good investment by virtue of aesthetic alone, they can also heighten security for your home or business. Any fence will act as a physical barrier between your property and the outside world, it is the primary function of a fence. A view fence is no different, despite its aesthetic function. A properly installed view fence will still act as a protective barrier restricting access to your property, giving you increased peace of mind.

View fences can give your home or business an increased level of safety and security. A view fence can be used to corral animals or small children, keeping them safely inside the confines of you yard and well away from traffic or other dangerous elements. View fences also keep unwanted visitors, like strangers or stray animals, off of your property. An appropriately tall view fence can also deter thieves and vandals from entering your home or business. And the best part is that with a view fence, you get all this added security while still enjoying the open air feel and freedom that  comes inherently with a view fence.

We Build Gorgeous View Fences

Security Door, Gate and Fence is known for building some of the most beautiful view fences in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. We build view fences that are a seamless addition to their surroundings, and even enhance the natural beauty of the homes they surround and their environments. Take a look at some of the beautiful view fences we have built over the years in our gallery. If you see something you love, give us a call and we can get started right away. If not, call us anyway, we are sure we can find and install a view fence that will be the perfect fit for your home.