Now Operating in Phoenix

Security Door, Gate, and Fence is happy to announce that our service area now covers all of Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding areas. We are more than happy to be a member of the Phoenix community, and provide homeowners all across the state with experienced door, gate, and fence installation, repair, and maintenance. We are the door, gate, and fence experts, with a wide breadth of knowledge that allows us to handle any project you can throw at us.

We can install garage doors, handle automatic gate repair, and even install pool fences all across the Phoenix area. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and would love to build you a custom gate, garage door, or fence of your choosing. We have listed some of the main areas we specialize in below, so you can get a better idea of what Security Door, Gate, and Fence can do for you.

Garage Doors

The door in our name comes from our expertise in installing and repairing garage doors. We specialize in garage door repair and garage door installation, so we can help you get the garage door opener you need and ensure that it continues to function beautifully for years to come. We can also focus on your garage door opener itself. We can upgrade any garage door opener to a whisper quiet model, or simply perform some routine maintenance on your preexisting garage door opener to ensure it stays in perfect working order.

We offer 24/7 garage door repair as well, because we understand that garage door malfunctions do not always occur at convenient times. A malfunctioning garage door is not only inconvenient, it can also be dangerous, so we want to be able to help you get you garage door fixed fast, when you need it. We are also an authorized, professional dealer and installer for all major brands of garage doors, and are confident we can handle any garage door installation or garage door repair you might need.


Another important service we provide to homeowners across Phoenix is fence installation. We offer a variety of different fence options all designed to give you the security and peace of mind you need, without sacrificing aesthetic. We can build pool fences, view fences, and even wrought iron fences. All of our fences are carefully crafted to your needs, and to match the aesthetic of your home.

We are a member in good standing of the American Fence Association, and each and every one of our pool, view, or wrought iron fence installers undergoes a rigorous vetting and training process. We also offer 100% financing on any view, wrought iron, or pool fence you might be interested in building. We want to ensure that you are able to afford the wrought iron, pool or view fence of your dreams.


Last, but definitely not least, we build beautiful gates. We can build you the perfect custom gate for your home, with tons of different custom gate options in terms of functionality and style. We have automatic gates and automatic gate openers for homeowners that want to add a little convenience. We also offer RV gates, which are a wider gate designed to allow the passage of a recreational vehicle. An RV gate can be incredibly convenient for the storing of your recreational vehicle, and look amazing in front of your house as well.