Garage Door Repair

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Garage Door Repair In Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley & Ahwatukee

Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home and Security Door, Gate, and Fence provides a full range of professional garage door repair services in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and surrounding areas of Arizona. All our expert garage door technicians are very professional, fully background checked, drug tested, and held to the highest standards of safety and ethics. Security Door, Gate, and Fence is a licensed, bonded, and insured company with excellent reviews from many sources. Call or text us today to schedule your service!

Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation

You have many choices when it comes to garage door openers and Security Door, Gate, and Fence is happy to repair, service, and install all types of garage door openers. The options range from basic, quality chain drive openers to whisper quiet belt drive openers. Many new openers now offer high tech features such as Wi-Fi and smart phone compatibility or can be integrated into your smart home’s automation systems.

Security Door, Gate, and Fence can repair, install, and provide you with all brands of garage door openers, including LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Genie, and Craftsman. We can also provide you with remotes and keypads. A wireless garage door keypad mounted outside the door provides the convenience and security of allowing you to use a secure code to open your garage door without a remote opener. We can install and program a custom keypad in addition to the remotes, giving you convenient, customizable control over who can access your garage for the safety and security of you and your family.

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Garage Door Spring Repair and Installation

It is a common belief that garage doors are raised and lowered by the garage door opener, but the opener actually bears only a small portion of the weight when it comes to lifting a modern garage door. An average garage door weighs approximately 400 lbs. and an average garage door opener can only lift about 15 lbs. of weight on its own. Most of the garage door’s weight moves smoothly up and down the tracks because of the enormous amount of energy stored in, and slowly released by, the garage door springs as they lift the door.

Garage door springs are the backbone of your entire garage door system and proper maintenance of garage door springs is more than most homeowners realize, both in terms of maintaining your home’s value and your family’s safety. Springs that do not work properly can cause significant damage to the garage door opener, cables, bearings, and the door itself. A garage door with a broken spring can fall rapidly and cause injury, damage to your vehicle, or even death.

NEVER attempt to replace a broken spring yourself. The amount of energy they store is incredible and they can be VERY dangerous. You not only need the exact tools for the job, but you also need to have good knowledge of the mechanics involved. Some of the steps involved in such a process can be life threatening and must be handled with care and precision, which is why it is ALWAYS recommended that you call Security Door, Gate, and Fence rather than trying to handle a garage door spring replacement or repair by yourself.

We like to give you choices, so we offer two options when it comes to garage door springs:

BEST VALUE – Security Door, Gate, and Fence’s heavy duty, oil tempered, high cycle garage door springs that do not require an adjustment and include a 10-year warranty


Standard – Our oil tempered garage door springs that do not require an adjustment and include a 3-year warranty.

Garage Doors Maintenance

An annual garage door inspection and tune-up can save you hundreds of dollars in costly repairs. Annual garage door maintenance is not only important to ensure the proper operation of your garage door, but also for the safety of your family and yourself. A professional lube, tune, and inspection performed by a licensed professional will help provide many years of smooth, quiet, trouble free operation.