Custom Gates

Custom Gates Custom Fit to Your Home

Security Door, Gate and Fence fully understands that no two properties are exactly alike, and so no two fence and gate installations will be exactly alike either. Each project has specific properties that make it unique and must be addressed in order to install a custom gate that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The physical attributes of your property, what you want to use the gate for, aesthetic desires, and HOA restrictions must all be considered in order to build you the perfect custom gate.

This is why we set up an individualized meeting with you, to find out what you want out of a custom gate, what you want it to look like, and take measurements. We go over the logistics of your property and needs, and make recommendations based off of that information on some custom ate options we think will be a great fit for you. We will work with you, every single step of the way, to ensure that you get a custom gate that is truly custom fit to you.

Security and Convenience with a Custom Gate

The best custom gates are designed to add both security and convenience to your home or business. A well designed custom gate will allow you to fully control who can enter and leave your home, and even control the times at which this can happen. With the advances in technology over the years, it is even possible to allow for remote access of your custom gate, giving you an increased sense of peace of mind.

Security is not the only thing a custom gate has to offer, a custom gate can also add convenience. Our advanced custom gates are designed with both security and comfort in mind, meaning that they are easier to use and more customizable than ever before. We can include features that will allow you to set a custom gate to open or close or stay open or closed for certain times of day or night, or to respond to key cards or signals from select cars or remotes, or a keypad. We have a nearly endless array of options designed to ensure you can get everything you are looking for out of your custom gate when it comes to security and convenience.

Add Value to Your Home with a Custom Gate

The most obvious value a custom gate adds to your property is in security, but that is not all a custom gate will add to your home or business. custom gates can also increase the aesthetic appeal of your property by adding curb appeal. Our custom gates come in a wide array of different options to let you fully customize all stylistic aspects. Any of our excellent custom gates will almost instantly give your home a more sleek aesthetic, or your business a more polished and professional appearance.

Custom gates can also increase the resale value of your home, and offer an added benefit to buyers, making your property easier to sell. You might even save on insurance costs with a custom gate because of the deterrent it offers to thieves. Our custom gates add value not just in aesthetic appeal and security, they also help keep you and your family, or any inventory you might have safe. You do not have to hire round the clock security staff to keep your business safe when you invest in a custom gate.

The Custom Gate Experts

As the premier provider for fence and gate installation in Phoenix and the surrounding area, we know what it takes to give you the aesthetic you want and the security you deserve with a custom gate. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and are a member in good standing of the American Fence Association. We use only the and highest quality materials for all of our custom gate installations, and all of our custom gate installers are thoroughly vetted and held to high standards regarding safety and ethics. All this is done to ensure that we provide our customers with the best possible product.