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Automatic Gates with Security Door, Gate and Fence

One of the most important aspects of fencing installation is how the project will be finished. The the of gate you choose is important because it directly affects both the security and integrity of the entire fence itself, and the aesthetic of your finished fence. Your gate will be the main point of entry and exit, and is also usually a focal point of most fence designs. You will want to invest in a gate that is convenient, secure, and aesthetically pleasing in order to get the most out of your fence. An automatic gate from Security Door, Gate and Fence can give you all that and more.

We specialize in building all different sorts of gates, including automatic gates. An automatic gate is one that will open without the need for you to manually get out of the car and push or pull it open. Usually this is accomplished by the addition of an automatic gate opener that responds to a signal from a remote or keypad. This feature is one of the reasons why choosing an automatic gate to top off your fence installation is a great decision.

Why Choose an Automatic Gate?

In a word, convenience. We specialize in adding automatic entry gates to our fence installations to give you more options for commercial and residential security. With an automatic gate, you do not have to worry about manually controlling who or what comes in and out of the area. An automatic gate will let you restrict access to your home or business more thoroughly, and even potentially allow for remote control. These features are what make automatic gates one of the most convenient gate options.

Automatic gates are also convenient for your own entry and exit. No more getting out of the car to drag open a gate, driving though, and getting back out of the car to close the gate behind you. Automatic gates can be opened and closed without any physical interaction, making your life that much easier. We guarantee that you will fully appreciate the convenience of an automatic gate after the first time it rains. Automatic gates mean you can stay safe and dry in your car in times of inclement weather, without the need to get out and manually open a gate.

Automatic Gates are Customizable

We offer dozens of different automatic gate options, so you can fully customize any automatic gate you purchase with Security Door, Gate and Fence. One of the reasons we offer so many different automatic gate options is so that we are able to match any aesthetic. We will of course match your automatic gate to any fence you have installed by us, but what if you already have a fence, and only want to upgrade your gate? We upgrade and install automatic gates into preexisting fences, and so need to be able to match a wide array of aesthetics. We allow you to customize your automatic gate installation fully, so that the style of it and your fence are in perfect harmony.

Aesthetic is not the only feature of import to consider in an automatic gate. Differing levels of security and convenience play a role as well, and we can customize your automatic gate according to these crucial concerns as well. If you take a look at our website, you will see some of the many different automatic gates we have installed, and some of the different features and functions that accompany them. We also offer different forms of entry, including keypads, remotes, and combinations of the two. Our goal is to make your automatic gate fully customizable to your preferences.

Top Tier Automatic Gates

Automatic gate installation is just one of the ways Security Door, Gate and Fence is helping homes and businesses in our community feel safer and more secure. Each of our automatic gates is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure it performs admirably for years to come. Do not entrust the safety and privacy of your property to a less qualified fence and gate company. Instead, get a licensed, bonded, and insured member of the American Fence Association to give you an automatic gate you can be proud of.