Automatic Gate Openers

Invest in an Automatic Gate Opener

If you are having a fence installed, you will probably want to start thinking about what sort of gate you want installed with it. We have a huge variety of different gates and gate options to choose from to ensure that you can find exactly what you are looking for, including automatic gate openers. Automatic gate openers are a great investment because they can really enhance the overall convenience and security of your fence installation.

Automatic gate openers will give you an increased level of control over the security and convenience of your property that you simply do not get with a more traditional fence and gate installation. Installing an automatic gate opener is not just for convenience. Yes, an automatic gate opener will allow you to drive onto your property without the extra effort of exiting your vehicle each time you need to open or close the gate. Automatic gate openers do so much more than keep you dry during inclement weather though. Our automatic gate openers can give you a truly customizable level of convenience.

Security and Convenience with a Custom Gate

The best custom gates are designed to add both security and convenience to your home or business. A well designed custom gate will allow you to fully control who can enter and leave your home, and even control the times at which this can happen. With the advances in technology over the years, it is even possible to allow for remote access of your custom gate, giving you an increased sense of peace of mind.

Security is not the only thing a custom gate has to offer, a custom gate can also add convenience. Our advanced custom gates are designed with both security and comfort in mind, meaning that they are easier to use and more customizable than ever before. We can include features that will allow you to set a custom gate to open or close or stay open or closed for certain times of day or night, or to respond to key cards or signals from select cars or remotes, or a keypad. We have a nearly endless array of options designed to ensure you can get everything you are looking for out of your custom gate when it comes to security and convenience.

Pick The Perfect Automatic Gate Opener

We can customize more than the look of your automatic gate, we can also customize your automatic gate opener. We have several different types of automatic gate openers, each built to operate smoothly for years to come. We can customize the manner in which your gate opens, and build you a gate that opens on a sliding track, a double gate on hinges that opens inwards, or any one of a number of other different options we offer. You can also pick how you want to control your automatic gate opener, with a keypad, remotes, or some combination of the two. No matter what it is you want out of your automatic gate opener, we are the company who can give it to you.

There are tons of different automatic gate openers out there, and you can trust Security Door, Gate and Fence to recommend and install an automatic gate opener that is customized to balance your desired levels of convenience and security. We are LiftMaster Certified, with the experience and expertise necessary to repair and install all major brands of automatic gate openers. We ensure all our designs and installations are up to all modern codes, as well as UL325 compliant.

Automatic Gate Opener Maintenance and Repair

Installation is just the first step in owning an automatic gate opener, and we do not stop there. We also help with automatic gate opener maintenance. Just like any other machine you own, an automatic gate opener needs to be maintained, and even repaired on occasion. Letting a third party handle automatic gate opener repair and maintenance can lead to other issues. Come back to the source, and get expert technicians who know automatic gate openers inside and out. Our experienced automatic gate opener technicians can provide expert diagnostic, repair, and maintenance services for any of the automatic gates we offer.

We can regularly service any of the automatic gate openers we install, checking for any common issues, and repairing any faulty components we might encounter. If you have any issues with your automatic gate opener that are not covered by our routine maintenance, we will be happy to come out and address them. We respond promptly to all calls for automatic gate repair, and our automatic gate opener technicians are highly skilled. They excel at spotting any potential issues and then solving them quickly and efficiently.

Trust Us with Automatic Gate Installation

Knowing who to turn to for automatic gate opener installation can be tricky, but we make it simple. We install each and every automatic gate opener according to the most rigorous of safety guidelines, and our team of automatic gate opener technicians and electricians is skilled and experienced enough to get any gate installed quickly and safely. Our work in the field of automatic gate openers began in 2012, but it continues to this day, and we are dedicated to maintaining our stellar reputation of honesty and diligence. Hire us for automatic gate opener installation, and let us make you the next name on our long list of satisfied customers.