5 Types Of Garage Doors

Five Types of Garage Doors


Are you looking for curb appeal? Many might be thinking that the front entry doors the way to do it but think again. Your garage door is a way to add that while factor so let’s cover five of the top garage doors.


Since your home is front facing in most cases, one of the first things people see is your garage door. So you want to carefully consider your next replacement garage door. There are many types of garage doors on the market but we’re going to cover the top five.


Sectional Garage Doors


These are among the most popular in the United States, sectional garage doors have panels that bend over a curved portion of track. So as the garage door goes up it is parallel with the ceiling of your garage. It includes a pair of high tension springs that sit right above the opening and are attached to cables. These cables operate the door and hold it in place from drifting down if it is only partly open.


Roll-up Garage Doors


This application of garage doors more for commercial use than residential. They are designed to be a no-frills option. It’s typically made up of the 2-3 inch steel slat sections.  This is a great application for storage units or a warehouse.


Slide to the Side Garage Doors


This is a unique design not seen often but it works just as the name states. The grog store actually been to one side and sits parallel to the wall. It is pretty much the same model as a sectional garage door but instead of going to the ceiling he goes to the wall.


Side-Hinged Garage Doors


These garage doors are more of an old-fashioned design. They resembled large barn doors and are typically made of wood but there are commercial types as well. The commercial types are large galvanized steel doors.   


Canopy Garage Doors



These rods doors are made of one solid piece. They have a pivoting hinge so that they can tilt up into the garage and then sit parallel with your garage ceiling.